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Toll Free: 844.802.4445  Fax: 877.675.3059 E-mail: Info@EquityProgram.net

Toll Free: 844.802.4445          Fax: 877.675.3059         Email: info@EquityProgram.net

Tennessee Office: 1616 Westgate Cir., Brentwood, TN 37027

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Quantum Shield

Are you selling much paint sealant, interior treatment and windshield protection?  Quantum-Shield is the most impressive product breakthrough in decades and has more than doubled...(more)

AUL Corp.

F & I Products To Fit Your Needs

The F&I products that our agency offers your dealership are made to fit your needs. "One size fits all" has not been successful in our industry. Our company name says it all, because everything we do builds equity for you. A good agency offers products that are good for your customers. A great agency offers the products that will always care for your clients and at the same time, build cash equity and yearly profit payouts to you, the dealer. Each year we deliver payouts of tens of thousands of dollars in underwriting profit to our dealers. Some of our dealers have received enough cash over the years to enable them to buy a second and third dealership. A selection of our partners and their products that we use are:

Comprehensive warranty coverage with equity producing terms for you.  A.U.L. a leader in extended service contracts for 15 years...(more)

About Equity Program Services’ F&I Products

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Does your supplier of GAP coverage leave your customers with a GAP within their GAP protection? Unless you are using settlement GAP, your clients are exposed....(more)

One size never fits all! Therefore, Premier Dealer Services, service contract programs might be the right fit for your dealership. PDS is insured by the only company on the planet to have kept...(more)

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Round out your customer’s coverage where the rubber meets the road. Roadvantage provides  superior service contracts for tire & wheel, dent & ding, and windshield repair. What’s more is...(more)