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Toll Free: 844.802.4445  Fax: 877.675.3059 E-mail: Info@EquityProgram.net

Toll Free: 844.802.4445          Fax: 877.675.3059         Email: info@EquityProgram.net

Tennessee Office: 1616 Westgate Cir., Brentwood, TN 37027

56+ years of F & I Experience

Our Finance & Insurance Experience

Equity Program Services, Inc. brings to your dealership over 56 years of management experience that is unique in the industry. We have years of personal experience along with decades of servicing the best of the best in F&I, and the leaders in new and used car desking and floor sales training. We bring our success and the success of others to your staff.

It is a refreshing change for most auto dealers and their managerial staff to experience what our agency brings to your organization. Can anyone actually say that they know everything about all aspects of the automotive industry? We have spent our professional lives learning and sharing what we have learned with our clients. Also, we continue to learn as the market and your customers change. Rather than trying to convince our clients that "we know all that you will ever need to know about F&I" we bring our experience to you and at our expense. We also bring the experience of other top F&I professionals that instruct F&I trainers across the country. Equity Program Services, Inc. gives an automotive dealer far more than any one agency could offer.

Our Service Areas

Ohio - From Youngstown to Toledo and Cleveland to Columbus
Illinois - From Chicago to Springfield and Danville to Quincy

Tennessee-Nashville and Surrounding Areas