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Toll Free: 844.802.4445          Fax: 877.675.3059         Email: info@EquityProgram.net

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More than just a great product line
Equally important to a great product is a great business model. Our approach to increasing your aftermarket sales and profits includes full, hands-on management and a strong belief system. We put the Quantum system on your staff’s personal vehicles at our expense to generate personal testimony and belief in the product line which can go a long way with the customer. Quick media clips , perfect for the customer’s attention span, are integrated on the floor, on the computers/tablets, and in the F&I office. Targeted price points are designed to maximize your profit and fit the customer’s budget. Save money on the back end as well. This is a ‘once and done’ product line. No need for costly re-applications. After training by us, your staff will find the application process to be quick and efficient. And unlike some other products, no harsh toxic fumes, or the need to wear special suits are necessary. What’s the investment cost? ZERO! NO products to purchase. We supply everything!

Contact us today to schedule a demonstration right on your showroom floor. In the meantime, be sure to check out the videos of this fantastic aftermarket system as well as other products within the Quantum Shield Family.  (click here)

‘Rust and dust’ was the familiar term used to categorize aftermarket products such as paint sealant, rust proofing, fabric protection, and the like. Nowadays, the fancy name used to the customer is “Environmental Package”. However, whatever the name, we’ve found that the majority of the current products are still using technology from the late 70’s! Because of that we’ve stayed away from using these types of programs because the high level of quality and warranty management was just not there. But then we found the Quantum System.

The Quantum Sealant system provides a 5 year warranty on new and pre-owned vehicles for a 5 model year application. This system includes a paint sealant system plus an interior protection system. The paint system uses cutting edge, nano-technology to bond to the vehicle’s clear coat and will protect against acid rain, insects, UV rays, and grafitti! The interior fabric protection is a specially formulated polymer that penetrates individual fibers and it will even warrant against red dye no.2.

The ‘icing on the cake’ so to speak is the Quantum Visibility System which actually strengthens the glass of the vehicle. An included 3 year warranty will cover any repairable crack or chip up to 6 inches long!

Also, the customer receives a beautiful Customer Care Kit shipped right to their door. Don’t worry, we manage the shipping and packaging and it’s even labeled with your dealer name.

How’s your aftermarket business? The Quantum Shield Family of Products offers an array of aftermarket products that have been proven to improve penetration by 30%. It starts with a remarkable product line.

The Quantum Sealant System makes aftermarket selling easier and more profitable.