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Equity Program Services, Inc. brings to your dealership over 55 years of F&I and management experience that is unique in the industry. Unique because it is our years of personal experience along with decades of servicing the best of the best in F&I, and the leaders in new and used car desking and floor sales training. We bring our success and the success of others to your staff. (more)

Our reference list of dealers will tell you that our training support is constant. Have you ever had an agency or large administrator secure your dealership business and show up with six suits for six weeks - only to never see them again? It happens too much in our industry. We initially train, then constantly support.  Our staff begins working with F&I, and then depending on your needs and your direction, we assist on the floor, the desk, and yes the service drive. We can also integrate a new menu system as well. (more)

The F&I products that our agency offers your dealership are made to fit your needs. One size fits all has not been successful in our industry. Our name says it all, Equity Program Services because everything we do builds equity for you. A good agency offers products that are good for your customers. A great agency offers the products that will always care for your clients and at the same time build cash equity and yearly profit pay outs to you the dealer. Each year we deliver pay outs of tens of thousands of dollars in underwriting profit to our dealers. Some of our dealers have received enough cash over the years to enable them to buy a second and third dealership. (more)

Client after client throughout our 15 years of "living by results" will recommend the fresh, high tech approach that we have created. Fresh because every sales presentation of products has been updated and in most cases changed to fit a more intelligent, more informed client. Hi-tech because we train your managers to use the most effective F&I menus and E-rating computer programs to offer in newer ways, "all the products, to all the customers, all the time".(more)

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